Seasonal Dockage and
Docking License Agreements 2020-2021

  1. Dockage Agreements will only be valid after you have sent us your initial application, we have reviewed it and accepted it and both parties have signed the Agreement.
  2. The credit card and address information on both the Seasonal Dockage Agreement and the Docking License Agreement will be uploaded to a secure server. We do not keep your credit card information on-site.
  3. Updated Docking License Agreements are combined with the Seasonal Dockage Agreements and both agreements must be completed and signed yearly.
  4. We must receive your signed Seasonal Dockage Agreement and Docking License Agreement and first payment prior to September 15th in order for you to take advantage of the discounts. The second of the 10 payments is due on October 1st.
  5. Current insurance certificates with $1 Million Liability and Pollution and Salvage Insurance listing: Bosport Docking, LLC dba Constitution Marina as an “Additional Insured” must be on file with the Dockmaster to secure a slip. Some insurance companies do not cover liveaboards. If you are a liveaboard we will need written verification from your insurance company that you are covered.
  6. Parking access for a single car is available only to boat owners while on their boats. We will need a copy of your car registration to put your car into the system.
  7. If you are a liveaboard for the winter we would suggest that you register early to secure the slip of your choice. It is “first come, first served” for winter assignments. Please note in order to liveaboard you must have a fully functioning bathroom on your boat with a shower and toilet.